Did you know that almost 47 million people left their jobs recently during what recently history is stating “The Great Resignation”

If you have been paying attention to the massive “dissatisfaction” with employment,  you have noticed this : employees are leaving their jobs at an unprecedented rate.

The Great Resignation has been happening quickly and it’s likely that the trend will continue in years to come.

In some cases, employees are leaving their jobs due to dissatisfaction with current positions.  While other times, they’re seeking better opportunities elsewhere- either way there is no denying this mass departure from employment as we know it today!

According to recent statistics from Forbes magazine , more than 4.4 million people have left their position early this  year alone!


What is a good side hustle to sell?

There are so many side hustles to sell as a viable business.

Some common side hustles are: cooking, cleaning, organizing homes, yard work, and hairstyling.

Sometimes hairstyling is a hobby, however, many side hustlers have transitioned clients into their dream of owning a business.

Many people are seeking side hustles like: being an artist, creating passive income online and even starting creative careers like  owning a hair salon:

So why are people leaving their jobs at record speeds?

People are leaving their jobs because they are unhappy with their  work situation.

According to a recent poll, 60% of workers said they were unhappy with their job. This is the highest percentage of people who have said they were unhappy with their job in the last 10 years. Happiness has a lot to do with peace.  We can have all sorts of health issues when we don’t consider our peacefulness in mind, body and spirit.  Happiness brings the entire body into balance.

People are also leaving their jobs because they are not being paid enough.

Side hustles are on an all time rise. Not only are side hustles fun, but they are often underrated. So many authentic passions can make more money than jobs, if navigated correctly.  Employees are seeking fulfillment from their passions now more than ever.

 People are leaving their jobs because they do not feel valued or appreciated

With recent costs of shipping materials, expensive rentals, and the added stress of rising home prices, many bosses are stressed out. This stress funnels down unto employees. Meeting deadlines, accounts overdrawn due to business costs, all trickles down to undervalued employees.

This is a major factor in The Great Resignation.

People are leaving their jobs because they are not being paid what they are worth

Many employees feel they are stretched to the limit, but have no income to prove it. With daycare costs, constant rising cost of gas and food, employees feel the need to side hustle to make more income.

Side hustles not only fills income gaps, but, often, a side hustle is really a passion, which leads to more satisfaction.

People are leaving their jobs because they do not have patience to wait around for 30+ years to “see” if companies will offer them a retirement plan

Many people are not willing to wait around to see if companies will fold or run out of money to fund pension plans.

Many companies don’t  offer the once coveted, golden egg, of a reliable pension plan.

More than ever, employees are looking for careers that afford them the luxury of an income and freedom.

So, where do employees start their entrepreneurship journey.

Oftentimes, it feels like leaping from a job to entrepreneurship isn’t attainable.

Companies like Reinvention Solutions  by Kay-Kay Smith,

https://www.kaykaysmith.com solves the problem of going from, stressed out and overwhelmed to successful entrepreneurship.

From discovering your business idea, marketing, branding, and sustainability, Reinvention Solutions, serves clients in creative ways

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About the author:

Kay-Kay Smith is a life and business coach that helps you transition into entrepreneurship with ease, clarity, and creativity.

With over two decades in salon ownership, professionalism and many career wins, she shows individuals, companies and organizations learn the power of REINVENTION from the inside out.

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