When we think about life and business connecting, our logical sided brains would like to consider two separate departments. Our brains like to categorize items, people, emotions, and life and business. ” Can I say that here?”,” I can’t have my kids giving me kisses on Zoom”.

Whether we pay attention or not to our instinct to categorize, it happens automatically.

While necessary to keep systems in place for life and business, many have found over the past two years, they indeed connect, especially for the “working from home “population.

It’s also important to consider how they connect and help us develop.

How can we start to use ideas to customize our approach to life and business simultaneously?

Learning and Growing

In order to be successful in either, we have to continuously learn and expand our knowledge. The more we know, the better equipped we will be to handle whatever comes our way. If we aren’t growing , we’re stagnant. In fact, growth is the great equalizer. Educating ourselves on the latest technology, systems, and strategies plays out in life and business. Whether we’re moving with technology or buying tickets for a concert on our phone for our child’s favorite band, change moves us.


If we aren’t flexible , we break. The world is constantly changing, and the people in it are constantly changing. The things that worked yesterday might not work today. We have to be able to change with the times or we’ll be left behind.

In business, this means the ability to be flexible and change our plans is a huge advantage . The best entrepreneurs can pivot when necessary, or adjust their strategy if something isn’t working for them . It means being flexible in our marketing strategies, and in the way we run our business. It also means being able to change our plans when necessary, and to pivot when something isn’t working.

In life, flexibility is a life skill that will help us survive and thrive in any situation. Not being attached to outcomes we have no control over is vital for reinvention and innovation. When the unthinkable happens, we can learn, first hand, how setbacks are actually set ups for improvement if we don’t panic. When we look at life from a point of infinite development, we will have less stress and greater outcomes.

Support Systems

When we’re embarking on something new, it’s always helpful to have supportive people around us. Those who have gone through similar experiences can offer valuable insights and advice, and help us avoid making mistakes. Additionally, connecting with others who share our goals can be a great source of motivation. Seeing others succeed can inspire us to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

1. When we connect with others who have similar values and goals, it gives us a sense of community. It can be the driving force behind new businesses or life projects alike.

2. People often feel a sense of purpose in what they do when connected with others. This becomes even clearer for those who start businesses, as it can be an isolating journey at times and lonely without the support from family or friends.

3. Having a sounding board in life and business is an important asset to gain clarity when making decisions or taking action steps. It can help us think things through more clearly, which will result in better results for projects or business ventures.

Finally, realizing how life and business connect, gives us more internal awareness to make sure they are both working on an optimal level. Learning and growing, flexibility, and support systems gives us the tools to thrive in life and business.

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